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Mukayimotoy Color Magnetic Kitchen Cut Vegetable and Fruit Combination


Time to get their playtime cooking to another level! Now they can (almost) cut up the vegetables!

Taking things one step further, the magnetic vegetable combo makes your kids’ playing house a bit more immersive. How? Simple! It now lets them cut up the vegetables! Do not worry; there is not a single sharp object included in the magnetic vegetable combo set.

Rather, every single vegetable is made up of several individual pieces which are all magnetized. To give your kids the experience of cutting them up, a very dull set of wooden utensils are there. They will simply grab them up and ‘slash’ the vegetable down to the line where the pieces join.

And ta-dah! Vegetable cut up and ready to go!

More than a clever twist, the magnetic vegetable combo is a step up in your kids’ immersive playing experience. Playing up with it gives them a more in-depth demonstration of how the real thing really feels like. Thus, stimulating both their kinetic skills and critical thinking skill.

Just imagine if they ever tried to cooked whole radishes or tomatoes the first time they cook! With the magnetic vegetable combo, now they’ll know they need to first cut!

Product name: Mukayimotoy Color Magnetic Kitchen Cut Vegetable and Fruit Combination

Suitable age: 18 months +

Product weight: 0.5KG

Main material: high-quality wood

Paint surface: water-based paint

Product content: onion, lemon, orange, corn, carrot, pear, strawberry, papaya, eggplant, cutting board, knife X2

Packing method: cloth bag


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