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Mukayimotoys Two-In-One Memory Wooden Fishing Game


A happy little fisherman, alone in a small boat to go fishing in the river, there are many small fishes of various patterns living in the small river, his goal today is to catch all kinds of patterned fish, you can help the little fisherman Did you catch a different fish?

Play one

Little Fish Links: Continuously catch small fish with the same pattern (or put it back into the water), and win the victory for the kid with a large number of small fish!

How to play two

Help from the fishermen: draw question cards (8 in total) to help the fishermen catch the small fish they need, and the children who have completed the priority will win!


Product name: Mukayimotoys Two-In-One Memory Wooden Fishing Game

Suitable age: 36 months +

Main material: wooden

Paint surface: water-based environmentally friendly paint

Packing: color box

Weight: 0.8 KG

Size: 23.5*23.5*7 CM

SKU: MU-218034


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