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Mukayimotoy Toddler Caterpillar/Elephant/Crocodile Pattern Irregular Pattern Wooden Pillar


Fire up those neurons, kids. It’s time to get brainiac!

Although looking simply, no one can’t really argue that geometric shapes are basically one of the single greatest products of early human logic. Thus, they are also quite great at teaching kids how to think logically from a very early age. Who would have thought!?

Our geometric shape sleeve column set’s design takes some of the funniest ways to teach kids about shapes and logic and stacks them high. Literally! The set consists of an animal-themed board that holds five slightly different shaped columns and a set of many geometric figures.

Each kind of figure of the geometric shape sleeve column has a corresponding set of holes across them, and there’s where the challenge begins. Your kid will have to figure out on which column does each of the figures fits.

Watch out! Because some of the columns have some shot sticks bulging out in an arrangement that will only let some of the figures pass through. This one is a thinker! The geometric shape sleeve column seeks to teach kids about logical thinking, sequence, and order of actions from as early as age three. Looking for a toy to boost their brains? Look no further!

The geometric shape sleeve column comes in three different models: Caterpillar, Crocodiles, and Elephant. Each has a different arrangement of pillars and difficult levels, with ‘caterpillar’ being the easiest and ‘elephant’ the hardest.

A very classic set of pillar toys, cultivate children’s logical thinking ability.

Product name: Mukayimotoy Toddler Caterpillar/Elephant/Crocodile Pattern Irregular Pattern Wooden Pillar

Suitable age: 24 months +

Product weight: 0.7KG

Main material: high-quality wood

Paint surface: water-based paint

Product size: 21*16.5*13CM range

SKU: A: MU-213022; B: MU-213023; C: MU-213024


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