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Mukayimotoys Rhino Four-Wheel Safety Walker

Color: Red

We’ve Heard of ‘riding the tiger’ but ‘riding the rhino’ sounds no less exotic nor dangerous. Worry not; the rhino walker-2 is one animal-themed vehicle that your children can safely have a fun ride on.

The single main concern with getting a kid a life-sized toy vehicle to ride is its safety. Children stumbling is not a good thing; children stumbling while on a vehicle, however much of a toy might, isn’t either. With that in mind, we designed the rhino walker-2 to be as safe as it could possibly be.

The rhino walker-2 is the result of more than a year of designing, proofing, and testing. And, besides being very safe, the results are also quite cute if we can say so ourselves.

The rhino walker-2 features non-slip handlebars that are round, feel smooth to the grip, and without any edges. The steering features a 90° limit for their left and right turns for safety.

Thus, helping the children keep their balance and making it as hard as possible to roll over and fall over! The corners also have a card position design, meaning every corner is rounded to avoid pinching!

Last but not least, did we already mention just how cute the little face of rhino walker-2 is? And you would think that making rhinos appear friendly was impossible!

Product name: Mukayimotoys Rhino Four-Wheel Safety Walker

Suitable age: 18 months +

Product weight: 2.5KG

Main material: ABS

Packing method: color box


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