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briing children back to nature.

An Online Toy Store
We want to offer fun, lasting educational toys to children from all over the world for them to learn, have fun, and make memories with.
A Group of People That Cares
While we sell toys, we are also acutely aware that there are a lot of children that don't have the means to acquire them. Thus, we periodically donate educational toys to those kids that are unlikely to get their hands on them. No kid should grow up without toys!
 An Idea, A Way for Kids to Return to Nature
We are of the belief that playing outside it's the best way to play for children. It's fun, it puts no pressure on them, and it's a way for them to learn more than just how to have fun. Through our educational toys, we want to offer them a way to 'return to nature,' to discover the outside world.

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Our Values

Play Time It's More Than Just About Playing!
 We all have rights as human beings, and we think little humans have the inalienable right to play, which we all have to respect. It is through playing that kids can kickstart their cognitive development, which, in the long run, will help them become more complete human beings.
We All Deserve a Chance to Play
Unfortunately, some kids are not so fortunate. Harsh economic situations still make it hard for a lot of kids worldwide to get their own toys. As a toy brand, we think that we all deserve a chance to play. Thus, we periodically donate educational toys to less fortunate children through our own charity program

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Playing Outside > Sitting In
While The Entertainment Value Of Electronics Is Undeniable, We Think Kinds Being Outside Beats Of Sitting In All Day. According To Research And Our Personal Experiences, Playing Outside Boosts Kids' Cognitive Development In Ways That Electronics Can't. It Is Outside That They Can Learn About Nature, Their Effects On It And On Themselves, And Interact Face To Face With Their Peers. There Will Be Time To Video Games Later But, In Their Early Stages Of Development, There's Nothing Best For Kids Than To Play Outside.
Sustainability: Preserve A Nature
To Return Kids To Helping The Kids Return To Nature Requires We Still Have A 'Nature' To Return Them To! So, We Do Our Part In Helping Keep Our Planet Green By Incorporating As Many Sustainable Materials As Possible Into The Manufacturing Of Our Educational Toys.

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Our Four Main Areas of Focus:









Our Mission:

Our mission is to inspire parents and children to play, learn, explore, create and create memories together. We promise to reserve only the best quality toys and resources to provide endless fun for the family, while also supporting the development of children. In addition, we are committed to working with expert content creators and early learning experts to provide inspiration, ideas, and information to our community in the form of tutorials, videos, and blog posts. We hope that you can participate by following us on social media, participating in our #MUKAYIMO TOYS event, and trying out some of our fun games, crafts and learning activity ideas. Thank you for being a member of the MUKAYIMO TOYS family!

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