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Mukayimotoys Cartoon Bunny / Tiger Handle Cotton Skipping Rope

by Mukaimo
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Down the M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i time!

Skipping is one great activity for children to engage in. Through skipping, children learn about gravity, their own balance, stability. Also, the best way to do skipping for them is with a skipping rope, for it requires them to develop motor coordination and concentration fast while learning all about timing as well.

Skipping Rope for Boys and Girls comes to win two different designs with a beautifully drawn cartoon animal painted on their handles. Either a mischievous bunny or an elegant tiger. Their smooth handles allow for a comfortable grip perfect for little, still-in-development hands.

The rope at the center of each handle is also not fixed to them. This design choice eliminates the risk of the rope entangling on itself. It is also making it easy to adjust its length by tying a knot at each end. This is quite important since its easily adjustable length allows to quickly adjust it on the fly to accommodate more than one child.

Either by themselves or with a couple of friends. Your child can have two friends holding each end of the rope challenge them to a skipping match. Let them find out who can make it to the end of their favorite jump rope rhymes!

Product Description

  1. This skipping rope looks cute, the handle is made of environmentally friendly ABS material, the rope is strong and tough, not easy to wear, and very durable.
  2. The length of the rope can be adjusted independently, suitable for children of all ages.
  3. The design of the handleadopts smooth lines and rounded corners to protect children's delicate hands.
  4. We recommend children to use MUKAYIMO toys in outdoor games, which can bring more fun to children.

Product Weight

0.28 lbs




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