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Toddler Winding Pendant

  1. Winding around the crib: The bed winding is composed of multiple colors, which can be used to grasp, pull, and exercise small arms for 3M+ babies. Bright colors attract baby's attention and prevent baby from bumping.
  2. Go around the stroller: go out for a walk, grab and play for your baby, let your baby chew, change and clean.
  3. Around the car seat: Around the baby, attract the baby's attention, so that the baby is not boring to ride in the car.

    4.6 gutta-percha rainbow rings can be stringed together as a toy, so babies can bite at ease.

Product name: Toddler winding pendant

Suitable age: 0 months +

Product weight: 0.2KG

Material: crystal super soft surface

Packing: OPP

Size: 21*10cm


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