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Mukayimotoy Children's Hippopotamus has a Basket Four-Wheel Walker

Color: Blue

You’ve already heard of ‘riding the tiger’ and maybe even about ‘riding the rhino.’ But you have most likely never even suspect that a ‘riding the hippopotamus’ or ‘riding the hippo’ even existed, right?

Well, it now does. And after looking at the cutesy face that that hippo walker has, you can’t deny the appeal it holds for kids! The appeal of having a walker for kids, however, the animal it might be representing, is that it avoids children stumbling so much as they acclimate to walking.

Very young kids failing when trying to walk is natural. Yet, if we can help it to eliminate the risk that might imply as further as we can while making it fun for them for extra incentive, then we should! Hence, the hippo walker!

More than and year of research and developing, designing, and proofing went into the making of this absolutely cute hippo walker. It features slip-proof handlebars on both ends with rounded edges to better grasping for little hands.

The steering features a 90 degrees limit to make it safer at the time of making a turn and avoid them tripping or falling. Each and every corner of the design also has rounded ends, just like the handle as well. Finally, did we mention just how unbelievably cute the face of the hippo walker is?

Product name: Mukayimotoy Children's Hippopotamus has a Basket Four-Wheel Walker

Suitable age: 18 months +

Product weight: 2.5KG

Main material: ABS

Packing method: color box


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