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Mukayimotoys Wooden Colorful Spinning Top Set (4 Pcs/PCS Random Color)

by Mukaimo

If we are talking about classic children's toys, we have got to talk about the color gyro, more commonly known as the spinning top. Spinning tops have been, although we often don't acknowledge it, part of children's entertainment for at least 2000 years.

Romans knew of them, and so did Greeks, and both of their youths enjoyed them if their prolonged appearance in the records its anything to go by. Their resurgence in our more modern context it's a little bit sketchier to track, though.

There are signs of them around the 14th century in Europe. As far as Asia, very different, varied forms of them appear across civilization, being the Japanese varieties some of the most abundant due to the fact of it being a pastime both kids and adults enjoyed immensely according to records.

Back to the present, our color gyro (4/pcs random color) comes in four different color mixes. With one predominant color for the body, four concentric ring circles at the top also feature three different colors as well with the innermost color being the same as that of the outermost ring's color.

Once your children get a chance to spin them, they can see one dashing circle of colors spinning around when looking at the top. For even more of a challenge, they can also try spinning upside down on its stem with its body on top. In any case, the more they can spin and keep spinning at the same time, the more they will learn about balance, force, and timing.

With this much to teach through so much fun, it is no wonder spinning tops like the color gyro (4/pcs random color) remain a staple toy even to this day?

Product name: Mukayimotoys Wooden Colorful Spinning Top Set (4 Pcs/PCS Random Color)

Suitable age: 36 months +

Product weight: 0.008KG

Main material: high-quality wood

Paint surface: water-based paint

Product size: 4*4*4.5cm

SKU: MU-213025


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