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Mukayimotoys 30-Piece Natural Color Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Cutting Set


Fruits and vegetables, fresh, wooden fruit and vegetables. Care for a slide, dear sir/madam? Here, let your kid cut some up. Uh, change your mind at the last second? Don’t worry! We can put it back together again!

Our 30 pcs wooden fruit and vegetable cutting set features just that: 30 pcs of different wooden figures of fruits and vegetables. All of them there ready for your kid to cut them and serve them! No need to panic; there are zero calls for them to just grab a sharp knife from the kitchen to do so.

Rather, the 30 Pcs Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Cutting set comes with a wooden knife, and each fruit has lines running across it. Your babies will only need to grab that very rounded and harmless wooden knife and softly drive it across those lines. Ta-da! Fruit cut!

How may you ask? Simple, each fruit is actually made up of separate pieces already. A little, discrete magnet placed at the side of each individual piece helps bound all of them together! The result? A full wooden fruit figure that, since it hinges on those little magnets to be whole, would only need a slight push to ‘cut’ them up again. This is the way to show your kids how to slice without the risk of them ending up sliced!

Product name: Mukayimotoys 30-Piece Natural Color Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Cutting Set

Suitable age: 36 months +

Product weight: 13.1KG

Main material: high quality wood

Product size: 36*30*7cm

Packing method: color box

SKU: MU-215020


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