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Mukayimo 3-in-1 Number Decomposition Logarithmic Board


shapes of objects around them. Meaning, it is the perfect time to start to further stimulate their learning about them. And no toy better stimulates that than the seven-in-one multifunctional letter board set.

As the name suggests, this letter board does not only seek to teach one thing. Rather, its composition is meant to teach kids seven things at once through playing with it.

On the row below are the numbers, from one to ten. Additionally, the first object from the left of the first three rows from the top features the arithmetic signs ‘+’, ’-’ and ’=’. Thus, making the letterboard a great way for the kids to visually learn the numbers as well as basic addition or subtraction operations.

Below each number, there are also random objects which names the kids might spell with the alphabet the three-in-one multifunctional letter board includes.

On the third row from the top rest a set of geometric shapes that range from something as basic as a triangle to more eclectic shapes like a heart and star, great for fine-tuning shape recognition. Below each shape, there is also a daring of a different fruit cut in a way that it fits the shape of the site it was placed in.

Suitable age: 18 months +

Size:39.5 x 14.5 cm


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