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Mukayimotoys Retro Locomotive For Young Children

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Trains today are much different! Let the kids get to know how they were in the good old days with this retro locomotive for young children.

Nowadays we have spectacular technological marvels of trains getting us from point A to point B very fast. Yet, their shape does not make for a great toy for a kid to hold in their little hand. Compared to how they once were, they are a little boring now, but the retro locomotive is anything but!

With the retro locomotive, kids can let their creativity fly away:

Will it ride solo? Can they put another toy doll inside to be its driver? How about trying something to the back of it? Let them have their way with this runaway train.

The retro locomotive also has a miniature panel inside its driver cabin etched with the marks of how their controls looked like. They can reach out to get a tactile feel of it through the windows of the driver's cabin. It would also make for an even greater make-believe driving experience for the toy they might place inside of it. Last call, passengers. This retro locomotive for young children is leaving off to fun land!

Product Description

  1. The cartoon locomotive is an integrated structure and does not contain detachable parts.
  2. The material is PP environmentally friendly material, no BPA, phthalates or PVC, which is light in texture and easy to carry.
  3. The design adopts smooth lines and rounded corners to protect children's delicate hands.
  4. Water-proof and sand-proof, suitable for indoor and outdoor playing in various occasions.
  5. We recommend children to use MUKAYIMO toys in outdoor games, which can bring more fun to children.

Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions: 1’’L x 5.5’’W x 6.69’’H
  • Product Weight: 0.82 lbs
  • SKU:MU-2123