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MUKAYIMO Mini Doll Poodle Puppies

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Product name: MUKAYIMO Mini Doll Poodle Puppies

Material: plush, filled with 100% polyester fiber (pp cotton) + particles

Size: 8 inches; total length is about 20cm


Teddy bears are somewhat shed, especially new toys, which will be much better after playing for a period of time! Collectible teddy bears basically use simulation plush (including hippocampus/wool). This kind of fabric is planted one by one on the bottom of the plush by weaving warp and weft. No glue is used for reinforcement, and it will definitely shed hair if you pull it hard by hand. Generally speaking, the longer the hair, the more obvious it is, especially the wool!

A handmade teddy bear cannot be perfect (especially the face shape)

Purely handmade, it may take some production time, you can place an order in advance!