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Mukayimotoy Cool & Safe Police Car for Young Children

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Sound the siren, youngster; it's time to put law and order around this playtime.

As we all come to know sooner or later in our lives, there are only a few men and women standing between us, the safe civilized society, and chaos. Those men and women are part of our local police departments that act as the thin blue line between the order of civilized society and complete disorder.

They also happen to have very sweet-looking, iconic, and very easy-to-spot cars to get around the block, answering the call for justice. Thus, this cool & safe police car for young children is one toy based on what the keepers of order ride in order to bring law and order to the people around town.

The cool & safe police car for young children is, in fact, a police truck. The kind on which they use to pack the back of with arrested suspect on times long gone but this time with a modern touch.

 Still, equipped with a siren on top of it, durable-looking wheels, and a steering wheel, children can actually reach to and touch through the window.

This cool & safe police car for young children will surely teach them early on to recognize the good guys in blue while also allowing them to have fun playing with it.

Product Description

  1. The cartoon car is an integrated structure and does not contain detachable parts.
  2. The material is PP environmentally friendly material, no BPA, phthalates or PVC, which is light in texture and easy to carry.
  3. The design adopts smooth lines and rounded corners to protect children's delicate hands.
  4. Water-proof and sand-proof, suitable for indoor and outdoor playing in various occasions.
  5. We recommend children to use MUKAYIMO toys in outdoor games, which can bring more fun to children.

Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions: 10’’L x 9’’W x 7’’H
  • Product Weight: 1.02 lbs
  • SKU: MU-2121