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Mukayimotoys Wooden Combination Hospital


Has your child ever told that their dream is to become a doctor or a nurse? Well, here's a chance to show a bit of what it's like to work in that environment. The wooden combination hospital acts as an educational toy set of big proportions.

Through it, children can get familiarized with the environment of a hospital and the many medical tools doctors use, and how they use it. The best part of it, parents can also partake in their children's use of this educational toy by explaining to them how real-life doctors use the many tools included.

The wooden combination hospital toy set does really go all out into giving the most approximate representation to the hospital environment it can. Starting with their two striking wooden stands: a 10.5-centimeter stand with racks featuring painted backgrounds wherein wooden bottles of medicine rest.

Secondly, there is a 79- centimeter supply stands where many, many other tools rest and, also, it has a working visual acuity chart on the top counter. Finally, the wooden combination hospital features a LOT of wooden tools that doctors use, chief among them:

  • Two scalpels.
  • Medical history clipboard.
  • Several medicine bottles.
  • Surgical scissors.
  • Digital thermometer.
  • Infrared thermometer.
  • An IV drip unit stick of 65.5 centimeters in height and more

After playing long enough with the wooden combination hospital, your child is likely to be even more acknowledged of hospital works than you. Unless you are a doctor, of course.

Product name: Wooden Combination Hospital

Suitable age: 36 months +

Product weight: 13.1KG

Main material: high quality wood

Paint surface: water-based paint

Product size: 79*16*35.5cm

Packing method: color box



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