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Socket Villain

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There is an odd one among them, and they need your kid's help to figure out who it is ASAP. Be it by height, or by 'fatness' or color, there's one telltale sign of which is the odd man out, and finding it might make your kid smarter on top of letting them have some fun.

Socket Villain it's a simple yet, clever game. You got one wooden board and several wooden figures with varying heights, girths, or colors. The wooden board itself has nine only sockets in them; each socket is capable of perfectly accommodating most of the figures at the same head level except for one.

Figuring which one of those figures do not fit in order to make sure all those who do are perfectly aligned will be your kid's job. Let them figure who the villain is ASAP!

The great thing about games like socket villain is that they, although clearly simple, are able to cleverly teach your children in unsuspecting ways. By handling the figures and trying to figure out where they fit, kids learn more than a couple of things.

Discerning dimensions of an object by accounting for their heigh and girth to see where they fit and align along with the fine motor skills to handle their particular shape are two things they learn by playing socket villain. Not bad for the board and some wooden toys, eh?

Product name: Socket Small Human Hand-Eye Coordination Toy
Product material: high-quality wood + solid wood
Product size: 13*13*7.9CM
Product weight: 1kg
Packing method: color box
Paint surface: water-based paint



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