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Mukayimotoy Children's Large High-Quality Paper Space Universe Planet Jigsaw Puzzle Game

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Let get ready for an out-of-this-world challenge!

Think you’ve completed puzzles for about just every kind of scenery that the world has to offer? Well, what about the view from outer space?

Our space jigsaw puzzle games for boys and girls offer you a quite epic scene featuring all the planets of the solar system! Worry not, this is not some national geographic, history channel, NASA kind of pictures of the planets as they are. Rather, this is very much kid-friendly.

In our space jigsaw puzzle games for boys and girls, your kids will come across smiley planets, moons, and beautifully drawn spaceships and satellites. Think of every planet being a smiley emoji, and you will get the picture!

The space jigsaw puzzle games for boys and girls are also one of our special round-shaped jigsaw puzzle sets. Why are round puzzle sets so special, you might ask? Their roundness allows for the pieces of the puzzle to be of varying sizes and orientations on top of featuring different shapes.

Thus, adding quite an extra challenge for children of ages six and onwards that have by now probably mastered more traditional jigsaw puzzles.

Come take a ride to outer space!

Product Description

  1. The shape of the puzzle is round, and the barrel-shaped packaging box is convenient for storage.
  2. The paper card is made of high-quality white cards, exquisite craftsmanship, no burrs, safe and tasteless.
  3. The child can do it alone, or with a partner, or it can be done with the parents to exercise the child’s concentration.

Product Specification

  • Picture Size: 22.8’’x 22.8”  
  • Number of pieces: 150
  • Product Weight: 1.26lbs
  • SKU: MU-2128


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