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Mukayimotoy Children's Big Pieces of High Quality Paper Four Seasons Jigsaw Puzzle Game

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A step up from your regular puzzle, this circular jigsaw puzzle is bigger, better, and well suited for kids aged six and onwards. As pedagogic research suggests, kids start to pick up how images actually work at around age four. By the time they are six years old, they already have a pretty good grasp of the concept. So, they now are able to assemble jigsaw puzzle games that are a bit more challenging!

For the slightly grown-up kids, this circular jigsaw puzzle offers a bigger, more varied image for them to assemble. Instead of a predictable scene that is easy to imagine how it would like, this one offers them four varied quadrants of a wider scene.

The nature of the image each quarter of the circle depicts doesn’t necessarily have to do with the one next to it! Also, the circular shape makes for both easier storage and challenges kids’ critical thinking skills to accommodate the non-conventional shape of its pieces.

All in all, your kids will be able to enjoy the fun of putting together a delightful image of a jigsaw puzzle that is a bit more brainy than some they are already familiar with.

Product Description

  1. The shape of the puzzle is round, and the barrel-shaped packaging box is convenient for storage.
  2. The paper card is made of high-quality white cards, exquisite craftsmanship, no burrs, safe and tasteless.
  3. The child can do it alone, or with a partner, or it can be done with the parents to exercise the child’s concentration.

Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions: 8.66’’L x 8.66’’W x 4.72’’H
  • Picture Size: 20.8’’x 20.8”
  • Number of pieces: 150
  • Product Weight: 0.97lbs
  • SKU: MU-2104


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