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Mukayimotoys Wooden Screw Hammering Tool Table Toy Set


Children love to imitate what they see grown-up doing! So, if they ever think it’s a great idea to poke around your toolbox, know that it’s either yours or Bob the Builder’s fault!

In the name of safety, why not gift them the wooden tool toys set instead? It has all the basic hardware tools. Only they are not ‘hardware’; they are more like ‘toyware.’

The wooden tool toys set includes a wrench, a screwdriver, and a hammer, the classic hardware tools. More importantly, it comes with a wooden workbench that features toy screws all over on which they can test out all the tools! The more they use them, the more they will develop their kinetic dexterity and muscle memory.

Hardware tools and little kids are two things that should never mix, BUT it’s not like kids would know or care about that!

Starting from age three, kids are already pretty aware of what you do. If you ever happened to be a pretty handy tool-savvy parent in front of them, believe us, they notice. And they want in on the action.

The natural curiosity of kids can even motivate them to take action and grab your tools to start trying to have fun with them! That would not be funny for you at all. Thus, you better give them something a little less dangerous. Something like the wooden tool toys set.



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