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Mukayimotoys Children's Puzzle Color Right Angle Wooden 12 Block Set


It’s time to let the creativity run wild with these colorful right angle wood blocks. The toy set is simple: a set of many colorful right angle wood blocks of different sizes and colors. Yet, what your kids would be able to do with them is anything but simple!

The set will allow making thousands upon thousands of combinations by accommodating each of the right-angle wood blocks however they want.

  • Make a set of several colorful arrows pointing somewhere.
  • Stack them facing up to make one big pyramid.
  • Make several inverted pyramids.
  • Do diamond shapes and stack them side by side.
  • Stack them lying down to build a tower.
  • Stack small ones inside bigger ones on both sides to make a square.
  • Stack them on top of each other like a pyramid on top of another.
  • Make one incredible shape with half and then use the rest to make a mirror image right beside it.
  • You can even build a house if you are up to it!

These colorful right-angle wood blocks are the perfect toy to stimulate the creativity of your child. Their pretty colors encourage them to find the arrangement that better suits their developing aesthetic preferences. On top of that, there is simply too much for them to find new ways to arrange them.

Product Description

  1. The wood is hard, dense, not easy to crack, and will not be damaged soaked in water.
  2. The surface uses absolutely environmentally friendly water-based paint, even if the baby bites, it will be broken down without any harm to the body.
  3. The design adopts smooth lines and rounded corners to protect children’s delicate hands.
  4. Let children recognize shapes and colors. The superimposed play method stimulates children’s creativity and at the same time increases the interaction between parents and children, children can always find fun.

Product Specification

  • Quantity: 12 Pcs
  • Material: Wood
  • SKU:MU-213002


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