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Mukayimotoys Play House Wooden Cake Set with 3-Layer Food Rack

by Mukaimo

Stack those sweets higher and higher and even higher! Ok, no, it's just like 3 floors tops, but that is also pretty good, alright! If your kids love sweets, we'll here's something for them. The wooden cake set with 3-layer food shelf is just that, a 3-layer food shelf where they can stack sweets over.

Actual real sweets, or just the set of wooden cupcake sweets that come with the wooden cake set with 3-layer food shelf.  Just don't let the kids take a bite out of those, though! They are going to get mighty disappointed.

If you suspect your kid of having even the earliest minimal inclination towards baking or simply loving sweets a lot, then this is a toy for them. Or for you too! If you also happen to absolutely love making sweets, then the wooden cake set with a 3-layer food shelf is not just a toy for you!

Use it to stack real sweets and showcase them to everyone around! The material is sturdy enough to handle both wooden toys and real, spongy, delicious sweets, of course. In the case of the latter, your kids might just end up loving the wooden cake set with a 3-layer food shelf even more.


Product Description

  1. The wood is hard, dense, not easy to crack, not easy to be damaged if hit hard.
  2. The surface uses absolutely environmentally friendly water-based paint, even if the baby bites, it will be broken down without any harm to the body. 
  3. The design adopts smooth lines and rounded corners to protect children's delicate hands.
  4. Children can experience the fun of playing by playing the role of a baker.

Product Specification

  • Material: Wood
  • Hight: 11.8''
  • Product Weight: 1.72lbs
  • SKU:MU-213008


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