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Remember how fun it was to play outside?

If you do, consider yourself lucky. Those of us that are old enough to have grown up in a time where playing outside was the norm are likely, the last generation that did reap the rewards and did not have to make much effort to do so. Nowadays, it's a different story.

Today, the screen of tech gadgets with flashy apps running does give kids thousands of reasons to sit in and remain hours playing still. Due to the fact that, as pediatric research repeatedly asserts, playing outside is about much more than toys and games.

By sitting still and staring at a screen, kids are likely to miss out on the range of benefits playing outside has in store for them. But not if MUKAYIMOTOYS has something to say about it.

MUKAYIMOTOYS, Bringing Children Back to Nature

More than just a toy brand. To us, what sets MUKAYIMOTOYS apart to is our message. We want to give the children a reason to get back outside to explore and learn from the world that surrounds them while having a great time.

In times past, there was no need for parents nor kids to make any effort to go outside. Yet, electronic screens now offer them infinite distractions that rarely involve going out. At MUKAYIMOTOYS, we don't want kids missing out on all the fun we had being outside!

That is why we offer our curated line of toys that are perfect for them to take out with them and have fun coming up with imaginative ways to play with them in the outside environment. Better yet, if they can invite some friends!

But Why Does MUKAYIMOTOYS Want Kids Outside?

If you are a parent, we are willing to bet that some of your best childhood memories involved having fun experiences while playing outside. It was there where it was at back then!

Monkey bars in the park, building castles in the sandbox, running around with our toys in our hands, making it seems they flew. Countless priceless experiences which, besides giving us a good time, taught us much even though it was not immediately obvious.

According to research done by pediatric experts, while children play, they learn a lot about themselves, their environment, and, in case they are playing together with other children, each other.

Another example of what outside playing can teach is imaginative play. The variety of terrains children can encounter when they are playing outside can add new possibilities to how they play with their toys. One truck toy suddenly becomes a dump truck to carry sand at the sandbox, for example.

It is this kind of imaginative play situation that stimulates the development of analytical, critical, and creative thinking in children. Something they could surely use while growing up in the world of today. And what better way to develop that than while having fun outside?

What About When There Are No Toys to Play with? Enter MUKAYIMOTOYS's Donations

The fact that we are set on getting children back to nature through toys also made us keenly aware that there are children born in environments where getting their hands on toys is not a priority.

Children growing up in less fortunate circumstances are still developing children all the same. Thus, it is not fair for them to miss out on the benefits playing with toys has on their cognitive development.

For this reason, MUKAYIMOTOYS decided to lend a hand to them. As of July 2021, through our initiative 'Caring for Thai Children,' we make that, for every toy sold, a percentage of the money makes its way to a charity fund that will put toys in the hands of children that have none.

The first subject of our program is one community located far deep in northern Thailand, in the Chang Rei mountainous region. The village rest just on the trilateral border of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos in a quite remote location. Thus, it's both difficult to reach and lacking in resources and development.

What it does not lack in its children. Young, innocent, and hungry for play and learn. Our team had the opportunity of visiting and discovering this place not so long ago. The memory of those little smiling, little kids full of life that and no toys stuck with us.

And, once the MUKAYIMOTOYS brand was founded, we saw that it was in our power to make right by them and help them get their hands on toys that could help them ultimately grow up as better human beings and give them a good time.

To Summarize MUKAYIMOTOYS in a Nutshell

At MUKAYIMOTOYS, we are staunch believers in that bringing children, whether they have lots of toys or none, back to nature, as in, to encourage them to play outside and giving them the tools to do so it's one of the best way parents can stimulate their positive development early on.

Don't let them sit and stare at screens all day! Let MUKAYIMOTOYS help them not miss out on all the good things playing outside can teach them.

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